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Who we are

legacy of success

Invermaster is the result of decades of experience of its executives in one of the most prestigious strategic consulting companies of the world (Bain & Company Inc.) and a group of prominent Central American entrepreneurs of long trajectory and recognition.

action oriented

Investment Banking

We are a regional investment banking, strategic consulting and corporate finance company.

We have developed projects in almost all Latin American countries.

For our clients we buy and sell companies, raise capital and advise on the most important strategic issues of their business.

We believe in practical, action-oriented recommendations, we believe in innovation based on data, facts and experience, we believe in efficient and effective execution.

Value of Accumulated Transactions $2,700,000,000

Customers 60+


passion and inner drive for achievement

Venture Capital

We stand out for the development of private equity and venture capital investments for a select group of investors.

For our investors we achieve superior economic returns in the long term by investing and managing high potential companies and projects.

We support our entrepreneurial partners to meet their most ambitious business plans.

We believe that success lies in working shoulder-to-shoulder with investors and entrepreneurs with determination and purpose.

Direct Accumulated Investments $12,000,000

Business and Entrepreneurship 18+

Developed Investment Funds $160,000,000

Our team

building knowledge

What we do

insightful analysis

We are the facilitator and advisor that allow our clients to achieve their business goals.

From the beginning we have identified ourselves as one of the most exclusive and high- level sources of knowledge and experience for the development of very high impact business strategies.

We advise and support the owners, shareholders and directors of companies, to maximize the economic value of their businesses, through excellence in human talent, deep business analysis and innovative strategies.

We incorporate the best human talent, with analytical ability, critical thinking, ability to understand the needs of the client and industry, experience of having lived the same realities as the client, and above all, to share our values.

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Our values

deep rooted in our values


We have an almost-obsessive approach of creating substantial economic value for our customers and partners.


We are custodians, we watch over the secrecy and the good use of the information that our clients provide us.


We build trust because we honor our commitments and honor our promises.


We always tell the truth in any circumstance, we are transparent and direct with all the people with whom we interact.


We are loyal to our principles, our customers, our company and ourselves.


We always give our best in everything we do, we always look for excellence taking care of every detail.


We respect and take into account the opinions of others, accept our mistakes and seek to communicate facts, not baseless judgments.

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